Other than family, Karen is the only person we trust with our fur babies. Heck, we consider her family now! Our dogs love her and we can go on vacation without worrying about a thing. We also give the CW Hemp Oil to our dogs everyday. (7 yr old GSD and 10.5 yr Lab Retriever rescue) We rescued our lab 4 months ago. He is a senior dog and suffers from E-canis which results in a lot of joint pain and inflammation. The CW Hemp Oil has worked wonders for him. Our GSD also has arthritis already and the Hemp oil has helped tremendously! I recommend it to everyone! You will not be disappointed!”


“My 8 year old yellow lab started to have problems with his hips. I tried joint medication with not much help. It got to the point where he was limping, could barely get up and didn’t want to do anything. A friend recommended I try the Batch CBD for dogs. I’m so glad I did! I got the 750+. My dog loves that it’s bacon flavored. I have been giving him a half dropper in the morning and in the early evening. It mellows him out for a while (not as much barking at strangers) and then he wants to play! He is a totally different dog now, back to his happy, playful self!
I highly recommend this product!”


“Emma seems to be pain free, her tumors are continuing to shrink, and she is becoming more playful again. She even initiated a game of tug with her “sister” the other day, which I haven’t seen her do in the last year. This CBD oil is amazing!”