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  • This improved BATCH CBD sampler pack is the best of BATCH. Find which CBD method works best for you. Each package contains these four CBD samples.


    The batch that made BATCH Our Original CBD oil tincture is what propelled BATCH to become the trusted CBD brand that it is today. This Original formula is carefully designed as a highly effective, all-purpose CBD solution to improve your wellness. Original Terpene Blend: Limonene, Caryophyllene, Linalool.   Ingredients: Organic MCT Coconut Oil, Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Raw Hemp Extract (Aerial Parts), Organic Black Seed Oil, Organic Peppermint Oil, Original Terpene Blend (Limonene, Caryophyllene, Linalool).
  • BATCH gummies are full-spectrum, vegan, and made with all-natural ingredients. Take them on the go, before work, or after a long day for a convenient all-purpose CBD solution. BATCH gummies come in an assortment of juicy natural flavors (blueberry, raspberry, and mango) and 25 mg of CBD per gummy, for a tasty experience that will leave you feeling your best.  
  • FOR RELIEF YOU CAN FEEL! This warming and cooling relief balm delivers 1250 mg of Full Spectrum CBD right where you need it so you can recover quickly and get back to what you do best. 2.5 oz / 75 mL no-mess twist-up container.

  • TO GET YOU BACK ON YOUR FEET! An upgraded formulation from the popular WI Hemp Scientific CBD Body Balm. Now with organic jojoba oil, more CBD, and a no-mess twist-up applicator. It’s as convenient as it is effective. 1250 mg of rich Wisconsin Full Spectrum CBD, you can't go wrong with this BATCH staple. 2.5 oz / 75 mL.

  • BATCH Nighttime Gummies are here to enhance your rest. Try not to eat just one of these tasty squares! Take one naturally flavored raspberry (from fruit) gummy before bed. Keep them by your bedside table for when you can’t stop counting sheep.

  • To help you drift off...Mind racing at night? Trouble staying in bed all night? This formulation is designed for you to fully recharge. Dream Terpene Blend: Terpinolene, Myrcene, Linalool.


    TO EASE YOUR TENSION! Stressed about work? Worried about that big exam? CALM gets you back to a balanced state. Calm Terpene Blend: Limonene, Nerolidol, Myrcene.
  • TO KEEP YOU DIALED IN! Looking for that extra edge? This blend is engineered to push away trivial thoughts, leaving you to your work. Clarity Terpene Blend: Limonene, Caryophyllene, Pinene.

  • Enjoy the benefits of Full-Spectrum CBD in a familiar soft gel. Easy dosing and no taste make this an easy addition to your wellness routine. 25 mg CBD per softgel. 60 soft gels per container.

  • OUR RAREST BLEND YET! We crafted this blend for the curious CBD connoisseurs who are looking to explore all the benefits that hemp has to offer. Cannabigerol (CBG), famously referred to as the “Rolls-Royce” of cannabinoids, is only one of over 113+ cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. CBG Oil Terpene Blend: Limonene, Caryophyllene, Pinene.

  • GOLD RESERVE BLEND 1 oz / 30 mL.

    Our Gold Reserve Blend is our most potent tincture formulation to date. It packs 4000 mg of CBD in 1 oz while still maintaining the mild taste of our Clarity blend (Limonene, Caryophyllene, Pinene). We’ve also added 2000 mg of CBG to enhance the healing benefits of CBD. Your mind and body will love this one. It's not for the rookies, it's for the CBD connoisseurs.


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