Evict is probably one of the first things I reach for when I am preventing flies. Although Away and Oust products DO WORK against flies too!

Sometimes you will select a bug blend based on what your smell preference is. And sometimes you can select a bug blend based on what works for the bugs you have a problem with, and for the region of the world you live in. All of these things will have a play in which bug blend works best.

But they ALL work for all sorts of bugs. Definitely it is worth having a small bit of each bug blend – and play around with it.

Are there certain scents you like better?

Do your animals respond better to a certain scent/blend?

Do the bugs hate that particular blend more?

When the mosquitoes were HORRIFIC at my house – I would apply Evict RTU on one arm and Oust RTU or Away RTU on the other arm and compare which was repelling best. I do like my experiments!

And I also like that when I am outside doing my nighttime chores – that I can slather some Evict RTU all over myself (or I am very likely to just steal a few sprays from the cow sprayer!) – and I don’t feel like I have to take a shower before bed.

My cats can sleep with me – I’m not all toxic and gross.

And… REALLY there are also health benefits beyond repelling bugs!!!

All essential oils have many, many benefits.

Cats are always a certain special area of interest.

Cats are not pestered by the bugs as badly as dogs, horses, cows and other larger animals.

But they still have certain bug issues to address.

Especially FLEAS!

But mosquitoes and ticks will still “bug” them – for sure.

With most cats we start with KittyBoost or KittyBoost LITE applications.

These blends are also “anti-bug” – and can be enough for some cats needs for bug repellency.

When some of our barn cats have gotten ticks – it is usually on their heads, where they cannot groom and remove them.

What I typically do for this is to apply KittyBoost (either version) along their spine, and then with the residue left on my hands I pet their face.

Most cats adore this – and then the residual oils that bugs hate get deposited there. And if I need more than KittyBoost to protect them, or if they have ear mites – I will use Away RTU or Away made into a water mist where they need more treatment.

Cats notoriously do not like to be sprayed with things. So that is the only reason you will hear us recommend not to do a lot of “water-misting” with cats. Only because they tend to resent you after being misted. If your cat does not mind – feel free to mist them! But I will mist my hands and then pet them, or rub into their coat. Cats definitely have opinions – and I would say from typical experience cats tend to prefer the Away blend – likely because of the amount of catnip oil within it!

Baths and shampooing for cats can also be a bit tricky depending on the cat. But again – I will usually add oils to the shampoo if I am giving a bath. And Evict can certainly be used, but I do tend to select Away more often for cats.